"Contentment and gratitude will lead you to happiness."


The task: Your transformation.

 The approach: Unique.

We combine coaching with project management methods and tools to help you identify where you want to go next and how to get there.

You will also learn how to structure, prioritize and troubleshoot tasks which will result in more free time to spend as you want to spend it.


Self defense and fitness training will not only improve your safety, health and physical appearance, but also help you to develop a mentality beyond your initial transformation thriving on target-dedication, perseverance and effectiveness.

The key: Find. Fight. Remain.

"Find. Fight. Remain." is more than a slogan. It embodies our transformation management approach and two of our strongest values: perseverance and empowerment.


Most of our clients are either desperate to find out what is going to make them happy or how to get there. That's why we start right there and use tools to find what really moves you and will increase your contentment. We analyze the situation in detail, structure the challenges and draw a map of possibilities.


After defining measurable goals for where you want to go, we create a detailed action plan and start fighting alongside you to help you reach your destination.


We want to be the catalyst for your transformation. But even more we want to empower you to tackle future challenges on your own and enjoy your life  to the fullest.


That's why working on a sustainable mindset like "I want this. I got this. Here I come." is one of our main tasks during your transformation.

The big picture: Increasing life quality with synergetic actions.

Our transformation will improve your quality of life!


Everything you work on, even if it just seems like a small part of the big picture will have an effect on other parts of your life.

Our approach focuses on these dynamic interactions and offers a holistic plan to help you achieve your goals. Our tools, methods and exercises are interlinked and designed to benefit you by their seamless interaction.


 Self defense training such as Krav Maga will not only increase your safety but it will also make you more fit and healthy, ultimately boosting your self esteem and confidence and positively impacting your career and private life. It enables a mindset that will empower you to independently overcome future challenges.


Coaching will give you tools to better master obstacles in your private and professional life, especially in terms of prioritization and time management.


Our individually tailored plan for your transformation will make sure that we tackle the goals you pursue with our synergetic approach from different angles without losing momentum.


Our combination of coaching with self defense and fitness is a unique, fun and effective method that will boost your transformation!

The toolbox: Clear structure. Proven methods. Success ahead.

Every transformation is a project. Given the right tools and people, every project can be a success.


Our analytical tools are used in countless projects.with both small private companies and large international conglomerates.


Our coaching methods are a combination of traditional and modern techniques. We invest in the research and development of our transformation techniques to be able to offer you the most effective set of methods and to stay ahead of the industry standard.