Whichever mountain you want to climb: We're here to help you get to the top.


"Max worked with me with for several months. He helped me to find the job I was looking for. Not only did we use fun tools that made me understand what I was looking for but he also guided me all the way through the application process, through the several interview stages and beyond. I've been now working a bit over a year in my dream job and I still love going to work every single day."

Josephine (Germany)

"I found an interesting job offer a few months ago but I didn't really know how to approach it. I heard about Max from friends. He helped me to design my CV, prepared me for my interview and supported me throughout the whole process. What can I say: The company offered me the job! However, due to personal reasons I turned it down." 

Mauricio (Italy) 

Self Defense & Fitness

"Last January, Max and I did a 3 day intense training course in self defense. I've trained self defense before but I wanted to brush up my skills and practice some very specific movements, dealing with overbearing activities from men. We worked on several techniques like strikes, kicks, chokes and (controlling) knees. Just a few days after Max left, I was attacked by a taxi driver who supposedly wanted to rob my purse...or worse. I don't know. He hit me in the face right after I got out of the car. But instead of backing down, I kneed him in the groin twice and ran to safety. I am sure that my self defense training helped me to get home safely that night and I am convinced that every woman should train self defense."

Emma (France)

"When Max first told me about Krav Maga, I thought to myself, "That's something I need to do, but, I'm not sure if I'm that dedicated yet," but, his persistence and his own dedication to the sport really motivated me to give it a shot.  I have been training with Max more than a couple of weeks now and I can see major results in my physique and in my confidence. I've never practiced any martial arts before, so, I really enjoy how Max adjusts to my pace and daily form. He motivates me to go beyond my limits and makes the whole work out fun.  Practicing with Max has encouraged me to get back in to the gym and it has encouraged me to eat healthier.  He gives me exercises that I can do at home or at the gym as well as nutritional advice.  Another positive side effect is that our training has helped me reduce my smoking habit. Max keeps me on my toes by teaching me something every session and is very helpful when I don't understand something. I would like to give a huge shout out to the whole Transformation Network Team for the opportunity to improve myself physically and mentally!  I won't forget it!"

John (USA)