A network of experts is ready to boost your transformation

MAX GORNER TRANSFORMATION offers a variety of high quality services. Yet, we are fully aware that there are aspects to a successful transformation process where bringing in experts from our network simply makes sense. 


Every single one of the following experts has several years of experience in their field, is deeply passionate about their services and quite frankly just a great person or team to work with. We share a similar value set and we all are committed to get the best result for our clients: Together we'll help you to achieve the goal you are striving for!


Amanda Swain Photography

"No matter if you want to get some pictures to celebrate the results at the end of your transformation, stylish images of your new products or some high quality photos for your next career step: Amanda is the perfect choice. She listens closely to what you want, gives her input and together you create something magic. In my experience it will be way beyond your expectation." 

Swain Photography approaches each client as an individual and each photograph as an expression to grasp a glimpse of God's beautiful creation. 

Swain Photography is experienced in capturing the following: Babies, Maternity, Families, Adult, Wedding, Senior & Teens, Religious, Engagement, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Reunions, etc.


www.swainphotography.net | amanda@swainphotography.net



CrossFit 901

"Rob and his team at CrossFit901 are the best place in Memphis to train CrossFit. The instructors have years of experience and the whole atmosphere will help you get through the toughest workout. It's like training with friends - challenging, encouraging, fun."

CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running) executed at high intensity. The workouts themselves are completely scalable, which means that a new participant and a CrossFit veteran can complete the same workout with changes in load. CrossFit workouts will deliver phenomenal fitness in and of themselves or as a compliment to your sport-specific training regimen.


www.fit901.com | 901-317-3286

Endurance Krav Maga Memphis

"Endurance Krav Maga is my home away from home where I train and teach. I deeply believe that this place offers you the best environment to learn Krav Maga. I've never experienced such a warm and welcoming atmosphere coming in as "newbie" before. Training Krav Maga is ruff sometimes - but having people around you that encourage you, teach you and push you to your limits makes it fun and helps you progress fast."

Endurance Krav Maga provides practical self defense in a family friendly environment. Everyone has the right to defend themselves regardless of age, athletic ability or gender.

Endurance Krav Maga is affiliated with Krav Maga Alliance, which is dedicated to open source, high quality training in Krav Maga self defense. Krav Maga Alliance constantly examines current techniques and training methods and looks for new ones as long as they fit within the framework of Krav Maga principles and philosophy.

 Sebastian “Sam” Pike is the lead instructor and founder of Endurance Krav Maga. 


www.endurancekravmaga.com | 901-257-9137


"Janina and her team have years of experience to create the perfect application for you. No matter if it is for a university or a executive job. She and her team will help you throughout the whole process and help you create highly professional documents that will significantly increase your chances to move on to the interview phase."

Let FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING help you with your application process – whether this involves creating a CV from scratch, editing a Personal Statement or preparing for interviews. 


Freigang Application Consulting speaks English, German, Spanish and French.


info@applications-consulting.com | www.applications-consulting.com

Joy and Jimmy Rodgers - Massage Therapists

"Transformation processes are hard work - physically, mentally and emotionally. Joy and Jimmy offer you the perfect environment to find relaxation and healing from strenuous workouts. They fixed my highly stressed upper back from working behind a laptop for years in no time and helped me getting through some intense training modules."

Joy Rodgers has been working as Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal and Natural Face Lift Massage.


Jimmy Rodgers is now in his third year as Licensed Massage Therapist. 

He specializes in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Prenatal

Joy Rodgers: 901-483-5055 | Jimmy Rodgers: 901-483-4804