Our mission is simple: We make your transformation happen.

MAX GORNER  TRANSFORMATION empowers individuals and businesses to identify and pursue goals by using a unique combination of analytical methods, business tools, self defense and a lot of empathy.


We act as a catalyst and guide for individual and professional transformation projects and work until success has been reached. We strongly believe that the only way to achieve sustainable results is to guide and train our clients to achieve their goals as soon as possible on their own.


Strong partnerships with regional and international companies enable us to offer a variety of high quality products and services to our customers.

Our values are strong: German precision combined with the American service mentality.

MAX GORNER TRANSFORMATION embodies classic German values such as reliability, efficiency and precision while combining them  with an American mindset of customer orientation, flexibility and creativity.


Mutual trust and cooperation build the foundation of our business relationships.


Our role as catalyst for transformation is based on partnership and empowerment of our clients. It is designed to lead to a sustainable knowledge transfer.


We tackle projects with a positive mindset. We enjoy new challenges, and are continuously improving our products and services.


We strongly believe that our company has a responsibility to positively impact our community.