My passion. My path. Me. 


MAX GORNER TRANSFORMATION takes life and career coaching to the next level! A unique combination of analytical methods, self-defense and fitness will boost your transformation.


I've been teaching and perfecting this coaching method since 2013. Every day, my work offers me the incredible opportunity to merge my professional background as a business consultant with my passion for training and teaching Krav Maga.

My passion began to develop in late 2013. Standing on a scale, I realized that at 240 pounds I had pushed beyond the threshold of a healthy weight for my body frame. My excess weight was also harming my mental and emotional wellbeing. While I had spent earlier years trying to adopt a healthier weight and lifestyle, I decided at that moment that it was finally time to transform myself with a physical fitness regimen that was consistent and sustainable.


With these changes, I did begin to grow healthier and feel more comfortable with improvements in my mental, emotional and physical condition. However, I was still frequently tired and had recurring health problems, like stomachaches. I also found myself constantly agitated and unable to rest or feel calm. Obviously, I had to dig deeper to figure out what was still missing!


At this time, I was working in performance management where it was my job to transform companies by optimizing their processes and designing new business intelligence systems. A typical client would be a $500M to $1B company, where I supported projects that had a budget of about $2 million and a timeframe of 1 year. I excelled at identifying, structuring, managing, and troubleshooting complex problems, as well as the challenges that come from the process of change.

Despite loving the job and the feeling of success that came with positively transforming a business, I simply wasn’t happy.

As a result, I took a sabbatical in 2014 and flew to the United States where I rented a car and travelled 16,000 miles cross-country in 3 months, exploring 35 States along the way. On July 4, I stopped in Memphis while heading to Nashville and immediately bonded with the city and every person I met.

I discovered Endurance Krav Maga Memphis, where I completed an intense three-week training program. I had to leave Memphis, but I left with immense gratefulness for the experiences I had acquired and a deep feeling of contentment for both the city and the training I completed at Endurance Krav Maga.


It amazed me that this gratefulness and contentment led me to being so deeply satisfied and happy. These thoughts led me to analyze my situation and plan my next steps. “What’s next” was the main question that broke down into several sub-questions like “What makes me happy?”, “What do I want?”, “Do I keep my job because it’s safe, reliable and connected to what I studied in university or try something new?”, “Do I stay in Germany or do I immigrate to the U.S.?” - the questions seemed endless.


I applied the tools I learned conquering complex business problems and adapted them to my own life. They led me to the answers I was looking for:

One week after leaving Memphis, I had my questions answered. I sent my letter of resignation and signed papers to get rid of my apartment in Germany. I knew my path was in Memphis, with the goal of building MAX GORNER TRANSFORMATION that allowed me to intertwine my professionally acquired business acumen with my passion for fitness and self-defense. Ever since, I have cherished each and every opportunity to help people around me achieve their personal and professional life goals.


Let’s get to work on your transformation!